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15 min no gym workout ideas for beginners

this is for you guys that don't have a gym membership or hate the gym environment but still enjoy the outdoor and just want to be active

like the title says this is a 15 minute workout

we start with a jump rope (if you don't have one just pretend like you do )

exercise 1 : jump rope 45 seconds (rest 15 seconds)

exercise 2: air squats 45 seconds ( rest 15 seconds )

exercise 3 :push up + knee to elbow 45 seconds (rest 15 seconds)

exercise 4 core plank 45 seconds (rest 15 seconds)

rest 30 seconds repeat this cycle 2-3 times

pic of the exercise

A jump rope

B air squat body weight

C push up +knee tuck

D plank movement

this is a good start after it starts getting easy once you can easily complete 3-5 rounds you should move to more advanced workouts

good luck guys

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