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fasted cardio vs fed cardio for fat loss my view on this

few points on this :

if you're an overweight individual carry over 22-30+body fat then you can probably get away with the fasted cardio with out worrying about any muscle loss .the more fat you carry in the beginning it will be easier to loss fat and the leaner you get then you need to consider different approach (again not that you cannot do fasted cardio pre fed just that the lean guy would be more compromised for utilizing protein for energy (you don"t want that )

(2 if you do choose to do fasted cardio there are supplements strategy like BCAA. HMB .CAFFEINE L carnitine

the bcaa and hmb are anti catabolic amino acid (muscle breakdown) especially the leucine components its one part of the BCAA maybe the most impotent one

(3 this is the most important point it all comes down to calories in vs calories so it wont make any difference cardio fed or not fed if you're are not in a caloric deficit

(4 and last what about the type of cardio to perform HIIT VS LISS CARDIO

high interval training is the type of activity where you bring the intensity up for a short burst of time 10 sec up to 1 min then you lower it to recover )drop the heart rate ) then you repeat that for 4-15 sets you could do more but then you make it more cardio style and you want to keep it short and intense think sprints vs a marathon

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