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great shoulder builder tip

try this,on your next shoulder workout,or if you train in a push/pull split workout,give this a shoot.

start with side leaning cable,or dumbbell raises (i prefer the cable,for the constant tension throughout the movement).

aim for 10-12 reps,with a 1 second hold,at the top of the movement,

then slow it down with a 2 second count,no pause at the bottom,and repeat.

once your'e done,move on to the next move,with no rest in

between,use minimum rest as possible 10-30 seconds,maximum.

exercise 2, front plate raises for a 8-15 reps,the goal here, is to target the font delts, (shoulders).

again same principle hold the plate for a 1 second count, lower at a 2 second count,no pause at the bottom of the exercise and repeat till you reach near failure

i like to leave 1 rep in the tank.

it will look like this :

exercise 1.side leaning cable lateral raise 3-4 sets *10-15 reps 🔥🔥🔥🔥

super set ,exercise 2.

front plate raise 3-4 sets*8-15 reps

more advanced version.

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