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Is Sugar From Fruit the Same as Table Sugar?

lets look at what contains in fruit first


2.fructose +glucose 50%-50% some fruit have different ratio

3.vitamins (Vitamin B1,Vitamin B6,Vitamin C,vitamin A)

4. minerals (Magnesium,Sodium,Potassium,Zinc,Iron,Calcium)


vs table sugar(Simple sugar)



so as you can see the fruit has many benefits compare to the simple sugar that is add in almost everything out there these days.

not all fruit are equal some have larger amount of sugar and some are much lower in sugar.

the body does not know if the sugar we eat is from a fruit or a simple sugar.

the difference is that the fruit has fiber which that alone can help regulate the insulin spike and blood sugar releasing slower to the blood stream.

and of course all that vitamins,and minerals.

stop being so afraid of sugar,just learn how to use it properly in your diet,and time it smart around your workouts.

especially post workout, for better recovery,and to fill your glycogen levels.

and if you don't workout,then i don't know what the hell you waiting for (just kidding ,no i'm not).

please try to avoid all thoughts fruit juice,jamba juice ,huge glass of orange juice,and etc.

you can easily over consume crazy amounts of sugar in that form,instead eat the fruit raw ,no one will ever eat 8 bananas or 10 apples,at least not that i know of.

that's guys hope i this can info will help you.

list of sugar in grams per fruit:

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