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training post pregnancy ?

how soon can you start training again?and what should you do?

1.this answer depends on few things.if you used to train before your pregnancy,and during.and how the pregnancy went through. for some it's not as bad as others,and for some women the pregnancy is a living hell. so that is something that should come into consideration.

2.i would recommend starting strength training followed by yoga or Pilates, or both they each have their benefits.

if your main goal is drooping few pounds that you gained.then built your nutrition around your fitness goals.but remember that if you breast feed you will burn around 200-400 extra calories a day, so put that into consideration,in your nutrition plan. make sure you have a well balanced nutrition to support your baby.

some women went back to training in less then a week.and some women had to recover for 1-3 month. like i said, it depends on many different things. recommendation are,6-8 weeks to allow the body to heal.

once your'e back in the gym,try doing full body workouts, focusing on all the muscles.start slow 40-50%,of what you used to be doing,and no need of 2 hours workout. 30-45 minutes for few weeks,then bumb up the intensity and slowly add weight on the bar/machine/dumbbell,what ever it may be.

after 1.5-2 month you should feel much stronger and more confident.

that will be a good time to change things up,maybe a split routine,or adding more days in the gym no more then 3-5 days in this phase.

lady's please stop being so obsessed with loosing weight.

putting on muscle,and adding strength will benefit you in the long run much more.

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