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Intermediate Push Workout Example

This is for the type of guy,that has a legging chest.(pretty flat chest). there are few tips for this start your workout with 5-10 min of light-medium intensity 40-60% of your maximum heart beat.

Then move on to few upper body mobility drills,to insure that your body will be ready for the upcoming movements.

Start your first exercise,again warming up 2-3 light sets adding 10-20 lbs between each warm up set,then start your working sets:

(1 chest incline 15-30% angle,dumbbell press

4 sets of 12 reps/10 reps/8/reps/6 reps

add weight each set 2.5-5 kg.

exercise (2.smith machine flat bench press.

set 8 reps/set 2 8-10 reps/set 3 12-15 reps

Reduce the weight as needed to reach the desire reps leave 1 rep in the tank on set 1 and set 2 ,set 3 go to failure.

exercise (3. barbell or dumbbell standing over head press

3 sets of 10-12 reps,on the last set go to failure+a drop set

6/8/10 reps, for example if you get on your 3 set 12 reps now reduce the weight to allow you to get+10 reps then reduce the weight and try to get 6-8 reps then one more drop and then 4-6 reps on the last drop.

yes it's a shoulder killer and triceps.

exercise (4 decline e/z bar skull crusher to stretch the long head of the tricep

3 sets of 8-12 reps hold the bottom position of each rep for a 1 sec count,if you feel any discomfort in your elbow switch it with dumbbells.

super set (meaning in this case another exercise for the triceps with no rest in between)

exercise (5 cable reverse grip, more for that medial head of the tricep, or straight bar push down 3 sets of 10-15 reps hold the bottom position for 1 sec count squeeze hard each and every rep.

exercise (6 high pulley fly you can do it kneeling or standing

3 sets to failure 15-20 reps focus on really feeling each rep look for that pump feeling keep short rest 30-45 seconds max 1 min super set this with (7 dumbbell lateral raise 3 sets of 12-15 reps.

This is a plan with not to much focus on strength, and shoulders. so if you have legging shoulders, this is not the type of workout for you,+Rear Deltoids i train them on my back day.

So try this high volume workout let me know how it feels.

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