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doing excessive cardio and muscle loss and even weight gain

i know in know you want to loose weight and you want fast results well doing 2-3 hours of cardio might work in the short run it won't last for very long trust me.

doing excessive cardio will only sabotage your'e goal (weight loss) and you will increase cortisol(hormone that regulates stress) levels to the roof,last thing you want.

first of all remember if your main goal is weight loss,then create a 200-500 calories deficit that's how you will really start seeing the drop of weight again it wont always work right away give it time and if there is no difference on the scale you might need to drop 150-300 extra calories.

start supplementing with cardio slowly adding 15-20 min only,yes that's it in the beginning then with time,week to week bases,add 2.5-5 min .

but ill dig into this in a different blog

lets talk about the negative affects of excessive cardio long long duration and 4-7 times a week and of course being in a big caloric deficit while doing all this cardio

1. muscle loss:

your body will look for any source of energy it can find,and guess what,your muscle is one of them,like i said that is the last last thing you want.i don't care if you think that muscles are not sexy or you don't want to be muscular.

less muscle means less calories burning at rest,eating less food and less food not so fun.

2.elevated stress hormone

high cortisol levels causes the body to store fat,cells become resistant to insulin,making the body harder to access the body fat to burn for energy

3.increased hunger:

4.again muscle loss had to put this one again:

5.over training, which can lead to mood swing and lack of motivation to train

there are smarter ways to do your cardio my top 3 tips:

1. having good nutrition prior and after the cardio activity,to insure optimal calories and protein intake,as well of course to the other nutrients like carbs,fats but protein will play a vital role in this scenario we will want to prevent any chance of muscle breakdown as possible,


shorter duration more intense example 15-1 min all out near max effort then you cool down to allow the heart rate to come down then you repeat the cycle for 5-10 times instead of adding more sets add more intensity more challenging so total of 10-25 min including a 3-5 minute and 1-3 min cool down

3.changing up your cardio activity,so if you always run,switch it up to some other sort of cardio activity,like swimming,biking, or a cool hike if you have that in your area that will keep your sanity from not getting so bored doing the same thing another point. if you always do your cardio indoor(gym,studio) try taking it out side you will be surprised how different it will be. and since happiness can reduce stress then it's a win win situation

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