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do you have to eat breakfast?

the answer to this is no.first of all you don't have to do any thing that you don't want obviously,second point if you asked me this few years back, i would say of course you need to eat breakfast. since every magazine and weight loss guro was saying and pushing it in our mind that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. well the truth is if your'e looking at it in a health perspective, then its more then OK to skip breakfast and eat it when ever you get a chance, or when ever your'e hungry.what matters in the end of the day is, calories in vs calories out. (basically how many calories you consume vs calories you burn through out the day). but there is always a but... i found it to be true on my self and many of my clients ,if you eat more frequently, 3-4 hours smaller meals its easier to control your hunger,when i skip a meal or haven't had any food in me after more then 3-5 hours, i over consume and get quite angry and aggressive.

so like i said its just easier to control hunger. so i do prefer to eat 3 meals +2-3 snacks in between. some eat breakfast and then complain that they feel sleepy why is that and how to fix it? ill post that in the next few blogs thanks guys hope this helped you

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