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intra(during) workout supplement

do you need to take an intra (during) workout recovery drink ? well the answer to that is as usual ,depending on your goal ,if you ate before you came to the gym ,what did you eat if you did and how much and how long ago,

that's is the real answer to that. you see there are a million products out there .i would easily say that 80-90% of them are crap and the other ones are not that necessary. and this is coming from a guy that loves this supplement world not because the stuff work more like its my candy's .

now lets talk about nutrition for a second this is an example for a 150-170 LBS male if you had 60-120 minutes before your workout a well balanced meal containing 20-35 grams of protein +30-50 grams of simple and complex carbohydrates you will be perfectly fine in your workout no need of intra workout shake or sport drink unless your workout is 2.5-4 hours doing lots of heavy weight training ,high volume or long long duration cardio then i would highly recommend a shake with some whey protein +some fast absorbing carbs dextros mix the leaner )12% body fat and under) you are the more venerable you will be so add that shake in that case of course if you don't have the budget for it you can use cheep stuff like a piece of fruit banana,apple ,dates ,raisins

for protein option well that's a bit tricky if your'e already in the gym so just try cottage cheese or Greek yogurt

here ill attach few pub med research about this

link 1.

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