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you don't like working out in a gym ? no worries here ill give you few other options

iv'e met allot of people here in the Philippines that prefer not training in the gym for many reasons which is perfectly fine not everyone is like me i can spend 1.5-2 hours in the gym but if your'e not planning on going to the gym please try and adding some body weight training from doing pull ups, push ups, dips,and plenty of lower body moves. you will still be able to strengthen your muscles, better then just running . don't get me wrong running is amazing ,and it will improve your cardio vascular system ,but it wont preserve your muscle mass in fact cardio is not anabolic ( "building up") process if any thing it's more catabolic ( "breaking down.") i'm sure allot of haters would disagree with me , ill talk about this topic in future blogs .

guys be creative with your workout here you can see how people build in their house a great garage gym

option 1. garage gym if you have the space of course and the budget , i really like this option .

option 2. out door park workout use what you can find like a bench a pull up bar if your'e lucky the stairs guys literally anything you can find

option 3 . indoor workout in your living room, bedroom

you can buy a set of dumbbell ,jump rope , here i attached this creative women used in her home workout a cheep towel for adding a smooth movement you can do so many things with that type on YouTube gliding disc workouts

so you see guys please no excuses you can do it anywhere you don't have to go to the gym if you don't like it or can't afford ,start easy and from workout to workout add more intensity as much as you can good luck for more tips pm me

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