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upper chest training tips:

1. start with the incline dumbbell press

aim for 8-12 reps try adding weight from set to set ,if you can get 3 -4 sets of 12 reps it's sign for you to put on more weight , control the weight in a 2-3 sec negative (lowering the weight -then 1-2 sec on the way up ) no need of 5-10 sec negative no sign of add hypertrophy in that style ,

2. smith machine flat guillotine press ,great for the upper chest just watch your form and make sure to properly warm up before you jump in the exercise , some people that lack shoulder mobility should stay away from this and start working on fix that issue

3. i like the landmine kneeling press (yes the shoulder work allot as well but you get a great upper chest pump )

again go slow and controlled the goal is not to put a ton of weight its to build that upper chest light-medium weight in the rep range of 12-20 and even more as much as 30 reps per set its a good finisher for the chest

4.last one is the low pulley fly same style like the landmine press use light-medium weight slow and controlled reps and really focus all your mind muscle connection on the upper shelf (chest )

try it out guys let me know how it felt good luck

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