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call center life

since i moved to the Philippines, I've notice that the call center people here work late at night and of course have very little food options since everything is closed except few terrible options like MacDonald and few more fast food chains.

you see not only that they have zero time to exercise since by the time they wake up they need to be ready for work again, and their work is a sedentary lots of sitting. on their breaks they smoke and they just don't keep a healthy lifestyle. now i know some would say this is their surviving mode what else can they do. well there are few things

1. prepare your food a head of time

you see when you buy your food out side you have no control over the amount of oil and butter or anything really

and when you make your food you can make a good amount of protein good fats and little carbs and veggies (little carbs lower your carbs intake since you have a pretty sedentary life style ill explain in a different blog more about it )

2. go to sleep as soon as you get home turn off your phone or any distraction you need every minute you can get (ill talk about lack of sleep in other blogs ) so like i said sleep at least 6-8 hours with no distraction have got to give 5-60 minute to your body and soul of any activity that you like i don't care what it is walking out door ,jogging, boxing, hiking ,some sort of strength training (my recommendation) yoga pick one each day and do it no B.S just do it you owe it to your self and i said 5-60 minute since even 5 minute is allot compare to nothing at all no excuses

4. hang out in the weekend with your friends go have a good time since its been proven how lowering your stress will have an amazing impact on your well being and just keep a good mod

5. portion control is another topic by itself but i just had to add this is so Important it basically means enjoying your food of choice ice cream pizza rice what ever it may be but instead of having 5 oz if ice cream of only 1-2 tea spoon instead of having 3-5 slices of pizza have 1 slice no one ever got fat from eating 1 slice . you see guys its all about controlling your portions.

their you have it guys start today with making changes and i promise you that you will feel better and more energized


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