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3 Ways to Track Your Food

you need to determine your goal (adding size .dropping body fat .just maintain ) from there you will need to find your RMR+TDEE i'll get into the details in next few posts

tip 1:in my opinion the most important tip is buy a digital scale it will cost you 10-15$ but it's worth is

this will give you a true number of how much calories you consume .its very simple to use it will take you maybe extra 5 min of your time but again if you want to take it to the next level this is my step one buy a digital scale

step 2 : download fats secret app of the famous one my fitness pal

this app allow you to log your food and since that you now use a scale you can accurately know exactly how many grams/oz/ml you just had

the great thing about this apps they breakdown the macro

showing you exactly how much carbs/fats protein you have left to reach your daily calories and macro nutrients

tip 3 :read the food label obviously if you want to put on size or loose weight this is a really important one just turn the box you will see it in front of you read and truly understand what each macro nutrients means

these are pretty simple steps to follow

like i said get a digital scale

download any app that you like that will allow you to log your food

read and learn how to read the food label of the food you pick

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