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REAR DELTS IS A MUSCLE THAT I TRULY Believe that it should be a staple in your program at least 2 workout in a 7 days time frame, i would train it with low intensity high volume .i like to throw it in my pull as well as in my push day .and once on a while ill'e even throw it in my leg workout at the end of the workout. you don't need to go crazy with this muscle any where from 1-2 exercise a workout 2-4 sets of each exercise rep range vary between mid and high reps (6-12 ) and 15-30 reps yes that's a big range there is no real number its all how you learn to stress the muscle in the right way and throw time under tension . there are many ways to cause hypertrophy (muscle growth ) pick 1-2 strategy adding weight is my favorite over time of course and under perfect form

here are few of my exercise that i like doing ill list it from my top 4 exercise remember there are allot its my favorite (feels best for me )

rear fly on pec machine

exercise 1: seated rear pec fly machine

exercise 2: face pull rope attachment

face pull rope attachment eye level

exercise 3 : rear fly on incline bench prone position dumbbell

rear fly on incline bench prone position dumbbell

exercise 4:t bar- row wide grip(flare the elbow out and )

t bar- row wide grip

these are a great exercise that i really love incorporating in my routine try it out guys let me know how it feels and if you have any question i would love to help good luck

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