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The Carb Mystery, Solved

Ok, so I'm in Manila and walking around I'm in a bit of a shock because there's a lot of carbs everywhere, and I mean a LOT. I just went to the mall and there were rice cookers so big I'm sure I could fit inside one of them. I'm sure if I told people to go easy on the rice here I might get some death threats. Joking aside, we all have an addition with the wonderful soft light feeling and flavour of carby food whether it's bread, rice, cakes and all those lovely treats.

That's also the quickest way you gain fat.

So here's my suggestion, figure out carb alternatives and make sure you only take in what you need for the day. I'm sure most of you sit in front of the computer, so you're not spending too much energy. That carb build up becomes sugar, and that sugar isn't used properly so it becomes fat. Not good.

Instead of 3 meals of rice a day friends, try 1.. and try piling up those good veggies as a substitute for rice. This is all pretty simplistic, there's a lot more complications to carb eating, carb cycling and all that, but that's for another day.

Manila, go easy on the rice. Your flat belly will be your reward.

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