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full body training vs split body training which one is better ?

when you start training for the first time you should always stick to the big compound lifts dead lift .squats.bench press .bent over row .overhead press

and some explosive movement like box jump. vertical jump .clap push up and etc

and around that you implement the accessory work .cardio.isolation movements body weight training.stretching of course to improve your flexibility and mobility and even throwing some gymnastics moves will help build an great overall physique.

full body pros and cons

pros :

(1 you learn to use many muscle fiber and improve your motor skills when you train the big lifts compare to just doing a simple bicep curl don't get me wrong you should be doing isolation but not on top of your big compound lifts

(2 COMPOUND EXERCISES ELEVATE THE HEART RATE AND PROVIDE A CARDIOVASCULAR TRAINING BENEFIT. so if you're looking for fat loss goal may add a slight benefit to your diet since you will burn more calories

(3 Simple Scheduling and easy to Balanced Body training .

all you need is to commit to 3*a week you can do a Monday/Wednesday/Friday

or how ever you prefer to fit it in your weekly routine

(4 this is a big one you :Stimulate Greater Hormone Release

like i said before when you lift big compound lifts especially all in one workout you will be recruiting more muscle fibres your body will consequently release greater levels of hormones, particularly growth hormones.testosteroneThese hormones are responsible for repairing your body to help you improve the way you can deal with similar stimuli next time they occur. these hormones can help you to increase muscle mass and get stronger

cons of full body :

(1 Intensity Can Be Hard To Handle.just like its a pro doing it all in one day and then repeating it again 2 days after could really be more then challenging to some of us (that's why you got to fit the intensity and volume to your personal fitness Status )

(2 not able to feel the targeted muscle since you focus on mostly big compound lifts.for some people its easier for them to feel the muscles when they isolate them so split body can be better for them .

Michael Tzur fitness trainer BGC Exercise

or how ever you want you should leave a day in between to get a full day of

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