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And Change Your Life

Hey Manila, let's start training

Hi I'm Michael Tzur, I'm an American personal fitness trainer with over 10 years of experience. I've worked in New York, California and Tel Aviv.  Now I'm in Manila to help YOU.

My workout routines for clients are a customised mix of proper weight training, big compound movements, use of machines as well of body weight.  I'm a strong believer in hard work.  Hard work always pays off.  

Come have a look at my services, get in touch with me and let's get moving! 

Here are some of

My Fitness Services

I provide professional, certified fitness programs designed to help you reach and maintain your health and fitness goals. I work with each client to custom design an exercise plan that reflects their short and long-term goals. Check out my offerings and choose whichever one best suits your ambitions and lifestyle.

Weight Loss

Consuming less calories sounds easy in theory, but it can be very tough. I will teach you how to loose weight gradually in a way that lasts, because your routine and habits will change in the process.

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Bikini Body

Ladies, time to lift with weights. A "bikini body" means that you have a toned body with muscle definition. Stay healthy and fit and strong, I will help guide you.


Functional Training

Let's get creative with the workouts by exploring new motion and range, with the help of your own body weight as well as added weights. It's fun, dynamic and tough! You can handle it.

Crossfit Simon Kettlebell.jpg

Muscle Building

Learn how to build muscle and bulk up by knowing how much weight to lift as well as how often. I'll help you build muscle naturally, while being careful to continue shedding fat in the process.

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I can give you online guidance on the right kind of food to eat that will meet your fitness goals.  Learn about how to count your macros, measure correctly and have a balanced, healthy and tasty diet.

Green Salad


We experience injuries or misaligned parts of our bodies that hinder us from a full range of motion. It's not good to jump in to full action if you're injured, but there's a method on proper healing and stability for you. I will guide you.

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Couples Training

Have a date with your loved one in the gym. Get fit, active, laugh and train hard together.  I will give you workouts you can do together, and will also do individual sets since each person's level is different. Come have a great bonding session in the gym!

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Group Training

Train in a small group with your friends or family, and motivate each other to reach your fitness targets. This is a high paced, active and fun programme that will leave you smiling and happy that you did your body some good!

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Whatever your fitness needs, I’m here to bring you results. Contact me for more details.

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Let TODAY be the start of a stronger, healthier you.
About Me

As a professional personal trainer, my main passion is guiding people towards a healthier lifestyle. Every body is unique; each with its own strengths and limitations. My method is to build a custom plan based on your shape, size, and fitness goals. My aim is not only to transform your body, but to influence you in making more mindful decisions when it comes to your health.

I have over 10 years of experience in the fitness field in New York, California and Tel Aviv. I've been in the industry of helping and coaching over 250+ clients in my career.  Today, I'll help you reach your goals. 

I'm married to my beautiful Dutch Nepali princess and I have the most wonderful little baby girl, they are my whole world. 


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Best trainer around! He's funny and laid back yet very involved and full of knowledge. Highly recommended - Melodie C LSCR


Outstanding master of his craft; incredibly bright with a treasure trove of health and fitness knowledge; expert in running, weight and power training, 
Michael is a pleasure to work with and talk to. He knows just how and when to encourage and when to push, though never too much. Highest recommendation. - Liat Shir


Dedicated, knowledgeable, walks the talk, compassionate, tough but gets results ! Try him, you won't be disappointed !!! - Helen Edlow


This guy knows his stuff! Seriously, I have been training for such a long time and it's only when he showed me how to do things properly, I saw real results. Mike, you're the BOSS - Matt Wertheim

Contact Me

Send me a message, I'll be happy to answer your questions. 

Training sessions are available all week in the BGC / Fort and Makati areas in Manila, Philippines. 


Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines




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Need to Know

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge extra for nutritional guidance and a diet plan?

For a customized nutrition plan there will be a extra charge.  In my opinion, this section (nutrition) is what separates us between looking good and looking amazing. That extra detailed and personalized diet plan this is where we will sit and figure exactly how many calories and macronutrients you will need for adding  muscle or cutting body fat. 

What types of home fitness equipment do you recommend?

My top 3 home equipment:

1. JUMP ROPE - so cheap and yet so good for you!  A Great cardio tool ... definitely should be in everybody's home 

2. SET OF MINI BANDS -  this is for you women out there, primarily for lower body circuit training. It doesn't take much room and it comes in different colors to indicate the levels of  resistance

3. PULL UP BAR & PUSH UP HANDLES - this is for you guys out there (sorry ladies).  This increases your range of motion for your upper body.  You can build a great physique. It is a larger piece of equipment that requires secure fastening on to a strong wall. 

ok I have one more.. did I say top 3? I meant 4

4. GLIDING DISC - I love it. It's great for cardio and strong core training. 

How are you different from a regular trainer at a gym?

What separates me apart from other trainers is my endless caring for my clients' needs. It's my job to make sure to keep them with injury free while reaching their full potential. My years of experience with one on one training has made me know exactly how to address each person's fitness goals. 

I'm a Virgo sign, so for me its all about the small details. I see everything and know how to custom fit a routine for each client.  

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Join me on your journey of health and fitness

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